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Topic: This podcast's topic were: Multifamily, Education, Passive Investing, Syndication, Raising Capital, Commercial Loan



Abel Pacheco & his wife have been investing in real estate since 2008. Abel is invested in $93MM of Commercial Real Estate, 800+ doors across 5 multifamily apartment communities as an active & passive investor. He is a Principal/GP in 400+ doors and Developing a Class-A multifamily ground-up project. 

Abel has a verifiable 10x track growing acquisitions $5MM to $57MM from 2010 to 2016 in the Tech world. He brings 20 years of corporate & entrepreneurial experience, and 13 years in IT, he also helped grow Rackspace from $100M to $1Billion+.

In the professional world, he had 20 years of corporate & entrepreneurial experience. His first entrepreneurial experience was launching a 60+ person, record-breaking, revenue-generating office for Cutco/Vector Marketing while taking a full-time courseload in college.

Where does the name 5 Talents come from? Matthew 25:14-30, we believe in being good stewards of the resources God provided us with, and good stewards of the capital our investors trust us with.


Invested in $93MM of Commercial Real Estate, 800+ doors across 5 multifamily apartment communities as an active & passive investor

GP/Principal in 400+ doors & developing a Class-A multifamily ground-up project 


  • The University of Texas at San Antonio B.B.A. Degree in General Business
  • The University of Texas at Austin - Red McCombs School of Business - Texas Executive Education Program
  • Dale Carnegie Training - Organization Leadership & Change Management


Abel Pacheco & his wife have been investing in real estate since 2008

Real estate ownership, acquired, renovated, and managed a portfolio of 10 properties

Average 1 real estate transaction a month 


  • Verifiable 10x track record of $57MM of acquisitions in 2015 from $5.6MM in 2010 with 20 years of corporate & entrepreneurial experience.
  • Helped build Rackspace for 10 years, with a 13 year successful track record in IT sales. He leveraged transferable skills and works full-time in Commercial Real Estate as an investor, multifamily syndication coach, capital advisor, and capital raising consultant.
  • Abel led his first profitable business in 2000’ where he hired, recruited, and trained a record-breaking team of 60+ sales professionals with record revenue generation for  Cutco/Vector Marketing.

Team First Mentality

  • Abel now helps working professionals, high net worth individuals, accredited investors, invest in real estate without headaches of rehabbing, managing properties or leaving the security of their profession.
  • He is called to serve as a financial steward by assisting investors with strategies for capital preservation, growth, and tax advantages through real estate.
  • His teams have successfully raised millions in equity for acquisitions. He also serves as a capital raise consultant for Real Estate investors looking to raise more capital from private investors to fund future opportunities. 
  • Abel loves taking massive action, spending time with family, travel, serving as a deacon at his home church. He is also mentoring action takers and coaching individuals who are ready to live their best life now.

5 Talents Commercial Real Estate

 ★ Helping Working Professionals, Business Owners, Tech & Sales Professionals Build Additional Income streams, Increase net-worth, while Reducing Taxable Income. ★

"Leave a positive impact on everyone you meet, personally & professionally" - Abel Pacheco

"Real Estate created many of the world's multi-millionaires... with persistence, knowledge, & action it will do the same for you." - Abel Pacheco

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