What Does 5TCRE Do?

We create additional INCOME Streams and help working professionals, business owners, and investors BUILD additional INCOME STREAMS and INCREASE NET-WORTH.

How Do We Create Revenue Streams for Our Investors?


We raise capital, obtain optimal sources of non-recourse financing, then acquire underperforming apartment complexes and reposition into high performing high yield investment vehicles.

Increase Cash Flow

Multi-Family as an asset class improves investor net-worth, provides steady rates of return, with reliable streams of cash flow, for accredited and sophisticated investors. 

Force Appreciation

We perform capital improvements, address deferred maintenance, create capital gains through appreciation, and capture the equity.


Reduce Expenses

We implement proven models to reduce needless expense, reduce economic vacancy, and improve profitability of commercial properties.

Improve Property & Asset Management

We acquire large Multi-Family Commercial Apartment communities large enough to obtain professional management expertise.

Increase NOI

With dependable property management and conservative underwriting, we implement proven plans to increase occupancy, increase rents, and acquire long term tenants. 

Interested In Creating Passive Income?