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5 Talents CRE is a private capital group that identifies, acquires, rehabs, and improves then sells multifamily commercial properties for profit. We have investments (as active partners and passive partners) in $93MM of commercial properties representing 800+ doors. Over 12 years of experience in real estate it has become our passion and vehicle for financial freedom. 

We provide passive investing opportunities that would normally be reserved for the ultra-wealthy or institutions only, to regular-everyday qualified investors who have an alignment of vision with our team. We help investors increase net-worth & cashflow while reducing taxable income. We leverage the tax incentives provided in this asset class to accelerate depreciation, write-off losses, and eliminate as much taxes as the IRS allows.


We follow SEC Regulation D 506 (b) & (c) guidelines to create securities, receive exemptions, raise private capital, go private, and acquire institution-grade investments. We invest in Multi-Million Dollar properties because at this size and scale, they are time-tested and proven investment vehicles that generate steady streams of income for investors.

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If you believe there is more to life than exchanging your most precious resource, which is your time, for a weekly paycheck... we agree with you. We would love to meet you, provide any insights we can, and hopefully partner with you in the future. Register today and we will set up a time to talk!

Why Invest Passively In Commercial Multifamily Real Estate? 

 “If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” ~ Warren Buffett

Cash Flow

Historically proven stable assets that provide consistent & constant sources of cash flow while improving investor net-worth.

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Reduced Taxable Income

Multifamily has unique accounting methodologies that provide investors with depreciating investment income.

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Equity Capture

We implement proven models that reduce risk, increase net operating incomes, thereby increasing the value.

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